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What is the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG?

GiveBIG, May 6, 2014

GiveBIG is a community-wide day of giving hosted by The Seattle Foundation which will increase the impact of your donation to 1500 local 501c3 agencies like KITH.

We appreciate you and your generous support all year round! Thank you!

For GiveBIG during our 25th Anniversary Year in 2014, we are asking our friends to tell three people about KITH’s work to help homeless families make positive life changes, meeting their needs for housing and services, to help them become stable and self‑sufficient.

Help homeless families. Strengthen our community. Make a difference.

For those who would like to make a gift to KITH, GiveBIG will increase your impact in several ways:

  • GiveBIG grows your gift! A share of every contribution, up to $5000 made through The Seattle Foundation's online Giving Center between midnight and midnight on May 6 will be proportionally matched by The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG’s corporate sponsors.
  • Your gift of $10 to $5000 will increase KITH’s revenue from stretch pool funds, increasing support for KITH programs that help homeless families in King County make life changes, including finding and retaining permanent housing. This percentage depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. For example, if the stretch pool is $500,000 and the total amount raised that day is $2,000,000, then the stretch percentage is 25% (or 25 cents on the dollar).
  • Help increase the odds of KITH winning a Golden Ticket! During the day, you could be chosen at random to have KITH receive an additional $1,000 from GiveBIG’s sponsors.
  • Share GiveBIG, influencing others and increasing awareness of the needs and situations homeless families are facing, and what KITH is doing to help families change their futures.
  • Mark your calendar! Donate to KITH between midnight on May 6 through our page in The Seattle Foundation’s Giving Center.
  • Help us make the most of GiveBIG! Here are a few things you can do:

  • Tell three people about KITH. We believe that every family should have access to stable housing, a support network and the opportunity to become self-sufficient, productive members of our community. We create stability for families in crisis.
  • Mark your calendar today, to remind yourself to make a gift on May 6!
  • RSVP for GiveBIG on Facebook.
  • Email, Facebook, Twitter (#GiveBIG), phone calls and in-person conversations are great ways to spread the word about how to help KITH on GiveBIG day.
  • Share the link to KITH’s profile on The Seattle Foundation’s website.
  • Click here to make your gift on May 6!
  • More Questions? Click here for GiveBIG FAQ’s.

    Thank you for supporting KITH for GiveBIG and all year to help homeless families.

    EvergreenHealth Partners with KITH as Title Sponsor of 7 Hills of Kirkland

    The EvergreenHealth 7 Hills of Kirkland "Cycling to End Homelessness" ride will take place Memorial Day, May 26. We're excited to have EvergreenHealth as the event's first-ever Title Sponsor, a five-year commitment of $15,000 per year, which will help to gain exposure for KITH, increase participation from the community, and increase support for community health gained through KITH programs helping homeless families with children to grow stronger and gain self-sufficiency.

    Bob Malte, CEO of EvergreenHealth, will cycle with a team of 10 from EvergreenHealth. Bob received his 2014 EvergreenHealth 7 Hills of Kirkland jersey from event chair Bill Fores when he spoke to the Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown, of which Bill is a member. “This is a win for all concerned,” Bob said, “KITH and EvergreenHealth share the value of a healthy, strong community. We can get behind this event, and EvergreenHealth looks forward to hosting the first food stop this year at EvergreenHealth’s DeYoung Pavillion.” For information or to register visit

    2012 7 Hills of Kirkland Cycling to End Homelessness

    Bank of America Grants KITH $10,000

    Bank of America Grants KITH $10,000

    We’re thankful for a recent grant of $10,000 from Bank of America Charitable Foundation!

    As KITH continues to provide our community with crucial housing and support for homeless and at-risk families, Bank of America’s investment in our organization will enable us to continue to have a positive impact in our community.

    The grant we received is part of ongoing investments the Bank of America Charitable Foundation is making to address immediate critical needs, such as hunger and shelter, and longer term solutions that promote financial wellness through access to benefits and resources.

    Building a New Life — Homeless Family Gains Freedom, Happiness, and Hope for Successful Future

    In March 2013, Mary, and her four-year-old daughter, Isabella, joined KITH’s Transformational Housing Program and moved into an apartment at Salisbury Court.* During this short period of time, Mary has demonstrated that she is determined to provide a happy and healthy life, free of violence, for herself and daughter.

    Several years ago, Mary became a victim of domestic violence. She not only experienced verbal and physical abuse, but was also stripped of her financial integrity. She was left homeless and in extreme credit card debt. In addition, she possessed a student visa that was due to expire the following month. Given these unique and challenging circumstances, she has remained optimistic and refuses to show any signs of defeat. Having a safe place to call home, she has been able to focus on her goals, and the well-being of her family. Here is a glimpse of her accomplishments:

    • In 2011, Mary worked several odd jobs to pay off $4,000 in credit card debt accrued by her ex‑abuser.
    • Mary continuously works hard to improve her knowledge and skillset by applying for internships in her field of study. Last month, Mary was accepted into a 3‑month, computer development training program. As a participant in this program, she has the opportunity of earning an income, as well as being placed into a full-time position upon graduation.
    • In August, the DA approved her request to apply for a U‑Visa. This step alone has taken nearly a year since its inception. Mary has already collected and submitted all of the required documents to file for a U‑Visaa.
    • During this same month, she was informed that an arrest warrant was issued for her ex-abuser.
    • With great hope, Mary is looking forward to obtaining stable housing, a gainful career, and most importantly, peace of mind. Thanks to you and generous funders, Mary and her family will complete KITH’s transformational housing program into self-sufficiency within a two-year timeframe. Mary now has the opportunity to start a new chapter in her life and can plan the next steps towards securing a happy and successful future.
    * Pseudonyms to keep the family safe.

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